Monday, July 29, 2013

Motivational Monday

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

I don't know about you, but for me, it's always hard to get back into writing after the weekend. During the week, I have a routine and I follow it (well, 99% of the time). Then the weekend comes and throws everything out of whack!
I find it easier to do if I reward myself for my efforts. Whatever it is you would rather be doing than writing, make sure you do it (or get it) right after you've met your daily writing quota.
Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who's so excited to get back to writing, or maybe you write everyday and don't need to "get back to it".

I used to feel guilty, thinking "maybe writing really isn't my passion" when it was hard for me to sit down and start writing. If I feel like this, does that mean I don't love it as much as I think I do? I spent a long time thinking this way, thinking I should love to write, 24/7, all the time.

Then I wised up and realized we all have our moments. It's okay to not feel like writing and look at it as if it's a chore instead of something fun. As long as those feelings are in the minority. Now, if you feel that way all the time, that writing is a chore and you never feel like doing it, then maybe you should step back and reevaluate things. Ask yourself why you're writing.

Are you writing because of someone else? To get rich? To prove to your girlfriend/boyfriend you have a creative side even though you'd rather be watching Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Writing should be fun and it should be something you love doing, but it's okay not to love it all the time. Sometimes you need a little motivation, that extra push.

So, reward yourself. Or if you're reluctant because you're on a scene you're struggling with or not to fond of, just skip it!

I used to think I had to go in order, that I had to sit there for hours agonizing over a scene just so I could move on to the next scene, which I was so excited to get to. Then one day I said, "Wait, what the hell am I doing? Why am I torturing myself when I can just come back to this?" And so I did. And never looked back! Well...until I had to go back and finally write the damned scene. But by then, I was in a better place and it wasn't as hard and frustrating as I originally thought. 

So, don't be afraid to skip around! Writing doesn't have to be linear, even if your story is! (sorry about all the !!! but this was something I struggled with and it still exciting to think I overcame it)

Do what's best for you and your writing. Always. There is no right or wrong way to write. Just write the write way, and you'll be fine!

That reminds me of the touchy subject of blog post? Me thinks so.

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