Friday, July 26, 2013


It's Friday!

I would say "yay!" to that but I work on the weekends so there's nothing to celebrate.

I've decided to post a poem (from yours truly) on Fridays. I've been concentrating on my Urban Fantasy--I'll write more about that later--so most of the poems are from years ago (high school and college).

I strayed away from writing for a long time, and now that I'm writing again, I should devote some time to poetry. Maybe these postings will be my inspiration.

Without further ado,

Seedless Soil

Mother Earth has lost her child
Her claim on us has broken
We'd disowned her many years ago
The end of days has spoken

When rain no longer can wash away
Our troubles and our sorrow
When we no longer have the faith
the sun will come out tomorrow

This is when our better days
Have long since passed us by
Boughs of trees will hang their heads
Ashamed to see Mother cry

She's loved us since the dawn of man
We've repaid her with trouble and toil
Poor Mother Earth, now all she has
Is a world of seedless soil

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