Friday, August 2, 2013

Poetic Friday

I so was supposed to post on Wednesday, but I figured I could let it slip since no one is reading this anyway! LOL

I've been so busy with my WIP The Oath Taker, then I got side tracked with The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre, so my post got pushed to the side. Putting up old poems of mine don't take too long, so I may as well do my Friday post.

Happy Friday everyone (or no one)!

I Do

Break into me
Shatter my eyes
Pry open my mouth 
Slither into my belly
Up my spine and crawl
Into that space behind
My ear

You've grown too fast
I've become
Your second skin
I'm paraded around, stretched
Out of shape

I've grown into you
I climb out
When you speak
I stare at you, laugh
At the sight of me
And by mistake
Swallow myself

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