Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day to Remember

We go about our lives, the day to day hustle and bustle, and things start to blend. Did I have spaghetti on Monday or Tuesday? Was that last week or the week before when I went to the car wash? When did I last talk to my mom on the phone?

They blend. We forget.

Some things, some things are seared to our brains and etched in our hearts, that we will never forget. I can barely remember what happened on Monday of this week, but I remember twelve years ago to the day, in its entirety.

I remember what I was wearing. I remember running out of my dorm room and into the common room to gather with the rest of my classmates in front of the TV. I remember the looks on their faces. The silence. The tears.

I remember the resilience. I remember the strength, the kindness, the unity.

I still have the candle from the vigil.

We still remember. 

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  1. Nice post...I'll never forget either waking up at our then home in Topanga Canyon, California and being glued to the T.V. set watching in horror as the world changed forever.